Ladoo Gopal's statue breaks, priest reaches hospital

A shocking case has come to light from Agra recently. People are in a state of shock after knowing about the matter. In fact, it is the case of a devotee who was so immersed in Kanhaiya's devotion that those who knew about him lost their senses. In fact, last Friday morning, while bathing Ladoo Gopal, the statue of God collapsed and his hand was broken. He burst into tears and didn't stop crying. Yes, he himself tried to plaster Krishnaji but could not succeed. He took Ladoo Gopal in his arms and rushed him to the district hospital. Seeing his insistence here, the CMS himself made a pamphlet of Ladoo Gopal and plastered it with his hands and handed it over to the priest.

After all this, the priest took Ladoo Gopal home. The priest's name is said to be Lekh Singh who had seated Ladoo Gopal at pathwari temple in Khaspura area of Shahganj about 25-30 years ago. The priest would take care of Ladoo Gopal like his child.

Recently, he said, "Ladoo Gopal fell while taking a bath at 5 am and broke his hand. I tied the scabbard myself and waited until 8 o'clock with the healing of pain, holding God on my lap. As soon as the OPD opened at 8 o'clock, I took Ladoo Gopal to the district hospital. Here, first, the doctors refused to offer plaster to Ladoo Gopal and I fell unconscious. Seeing this, officials of some Hindu organizations also reached. After this CMS Ashok Kumar made his cabin an operation theatre and plastered Laddu Gopal in front of the priest and handed it over to me with his own hands. That's what CMS Dr Ak Agarwal said this is the first time such a case has come to his fore.

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