Man did not get entry in SBI bank

Nowadays, many shocking cases are coming to light and one such shocking case has come to light from Kolkata. In fact, a man here has made a shocking claim. He says he was returned from a branch of the State Bank of India (SBI) only because he was wearing shorts (Shorts). Not only that, the bank staff asked him to come wearing full pants. Now the man has complained to SBI on Twitter and asked, 'Is there a dress code for a customer coming to the bank?'

The young man who is being talked about in this case is Ashish, who lives in Kolkata, and his question has also been answered by the bank. In fact, Ashish tagged SBI and wrote in his tweet, "I went to SBI one of your branches today wearing shorts, on which I was told that I needed to come back wearing full pants because the branch expects customers to maintain civilization. Is there an official policy on what a customer can wear and what not?'' On the other hand, in response to Ashish's tweet, the bank said, 'There is no such dress code'. 

Replying to the tweet, SBI wrote, 'We understand and respect your concern, we make it clear that there is no policy or prescribed dress code for our customers, they can be prepared according to their choice and take into account locally acceptable norms/traditions/culture for public space. However, Ashish's tweet is now getting a lot of comments and some people are misquoting the bank and some are misquoting Ashish.

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