The game of hide and seek is over! Rakhi Sawant’s husband Ritesh’s VIDEO LEAK for the first time!

Rakhi Sawant, a renowned Bollywood actress, has been making news for the past two years because of her marriage. The groom meant his husband Ritesh was missing from the wedding images, which went viral. Then it was revealed that he had been invited to Bigg Boss 14 but had not shown up. But now the game of hide and seek is done, as Ritesh and Rakhi have been spotted together on social media for the first time. From the Bigg Boss 15 house, a video of the two is going viral.

A video of Rakhi Sawant carrying a dish of aarti has recently appeared on social media. She is inviting a man into her home and is a Bigg Boss contender with him. The song 'Mera piya ghar aaya o Ramji' may be heard in the background.


He was the one who had gotten a lot of queries regarding Rakhi's wedding from his admirers thus far. People used to ask why Rakhi's husbands didn't come out if the marriage was truly done. Why hasn't Rakhi disclosed her photo to anybody yet? Many people referred to their union as a PR stunt. Rakhi's husband Ritesh's 'Mukh Dekha' ritual is being finished on Bigg Boss 15 after two years of marriage.

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