The Great Gama became a victim of poverty and helplessness at the last moment

It was the birthday of the world's greatest wrestler known as Kaal Gama Pehelwan. Whose real name was Gul Muhammad. Gama Pehalwan alias Ghulam Mohammad was born in Amritsar in 1878. Walid was a player of desi wrestling. Whom the world used to salute. Apart from his wrestling, Gama Pehalwan was also known for his generosity. He saved the lives of many Hindus in the partition of India-Pakistan in 1947. Gama Pehalwan, who started wrestling at the age of 10, took part in a riot organized by the Raja of Jodhpur in 1890.

Little Gama had joined 15 wrestlers in this riot. After which the king declared him the winner. By the time of 19, Gama defeated many big wrestlers of the country. Karim Baksh Sultani of Gujranwala was still a challenger to Gama. Finally the day has come when both the wrestlers faced each other. Gama children were seen in front of 7 feet tall Baksh Sultani. The whole city had gathered to see this riot held in Lahore. Everyone wanted to know who would win in this match. No one could win in the match that lasted for three hours. The match ended in a draw. After this riot, Gama was recognized across the country.

After this wrestling, Gama had come to fight 'Champions of Champions' in London. But due to his short stature, the organizers did not allow him to take part in wrestling. After which Gama Pehalwan angrily declared that he could defeat any wrestler in the world. He will return to India by rewarding the wrestler who defeated him. His challenge was accepted by Benjamin Roller of America. He created panic by defeating Roller in the first round in one and a half minutes and in the second round in less than 10 minutes. After this, the very next day, he created a sensation by defeating the remaining 12 wrestlers in Minto.

After all, the organizers had to take him into the competition. At the time of partition, some Muslim people had come to kill Hindu families in his street. During this, Gama Pehalwan along with his royals stood in the forefront of the street to protect the Hindu families. Seeing them, no one dared to move forward. In the meantime, a person stepped forward, he was hit by Gama Pehalwan, he did not stand up again. Gama Pehalwan had said, 'Hindus of this street are my brothers. See which Muslim raises their eyes or hands on them. And when the situation had worsened, he had taken Hindu families to India safely with his money. But the last time of such a great person passed in a lot of poverty and helplessness, no one came forward to help him. He was definitely helped by some wrestling lovers and the king of Baroda. Perhaps you will not know that the wife of the current Prime Minister of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif, is the granddaughter of Kulsoom Gama Pehalwan.

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