Delhi: Slow winds, fog keep air pollution in severe zone

New Delhi: Delhi-NCR are witnessing fluctuations in pollution levels due to wind speed these days. In this episode, the air in the cities of NCR has slipped from bad to very bad category on Saturday. Delhi's air has also witnessed minor changes. Air Standards Agency Safar forecasts that significant changes in air quality cannot be predicted for the next 2 days. Strong winds are more likely to improve from December 7.  According to IITM, the wind speed has been recorded at 4 kmph on Saturday. On the other hand, mixing height has been recorded at 1100 metres and ventilation index at 2500 sq m per second. IITM has predicted that the wind direction will change to the south-east in the coming 24 hours.

Where it has been found that there is not going to be any change in the wind speed. However, the mixing height has increased to 1600 metres and the ventilation index has been recorded at 3500 square metres per second. The next day also, the mixing height has increased to 2700 metres and the ventilation index has increased to 12500 square metres per second. This may lead to changes in the air, but the air level is going to remain in a very poor category.

According to the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), Delhi's average air quality index is set to be 362 on Saturday. A day earlier, it has been recorded at 346. In addition, 356 in Faridabad, 327 in Ghaziabad, 335 in Greater Noida, 334 in Gurugram and 355 in Noida are AQI. In the last 24 hours, the level of PM10 in the air was recorded at 293 and pm 2.5 at 174 micrograms per cubic metre.

AQI figures on December 3


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