Man performing tricks with petrol in his mouth, suddenly caught fire and then...
Man performing tricks with petrol in his mouth, suddenly caught fire and then...

Patna: A shocking incident is coming out from Bihar, here in Motihari, a person was killed when he was performing a feat and due to this, his mouth caught fire. Actually, the person was showing his talent in the Mahaviri Jhanda fair. During this, he was seriously injured due to fire in his mouth.

In Motihari, Mahaviri Flag Day is celebrated near the Indo-Nepal border. On the day of Ekadashi of Kartik month, the people here worship Lord Hanuman first and then the people of the whole village take out the flag march. The people of the village show their feats in this Jhanda Yatra. Due to this, a young man involved in Jhanda Yatra was trying to make a ring of fire from burning wood by filling petrol in his mouth.

Due to the feat, the young man's mouth caught fire and it started burning, after that, the people watching the feat extinguished the fire in that person's mouth after a lot of effort. However, by then he was badly injured by the fire. After juggling and then the accident happened, this video was captured by the mob on their mobile. It is clearly visible in the video how the young man is showing his tricks at first but due to that, his mouth catches the fire. The man was repeatedly making a ring of fire by filling petrol in his mouth, but a little carelessness proved fatal for him. The video of the incident is now going viral on social media.

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