Assam Environment Minister's big statement over 18 elephants death
Assam Environment Minister's big statement over 18 elephants death

The ever-increasing number of disasters and events over the past several days is causing a lot of trouble for everyone, and in the midst of these incidents, today we have brought you a news that will surprise everyone.

Assam Environment Minister Parimal Shuklavaidya said on Thursday that reports received from various agencies and experts and findings of the investigating officer indicate that the recent loss of 18 elephants in the proposed reserve forest could be due to "accidental electrocution due to lightning".

Addressing a press conference here, the Minister said that the administration has expressed this apprehension while considering the findings of various agencies. These include postmortem report prepared by a team of ten doctors, data received from forensic lab and meteorological ministry of the state and comments of national and international experts. He said that the death of elephants in the proposed Kundoli proposed reserve forest on May 12 could be caused by accidental electrocution not by poisoning or fatal illness but due to lightning.

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