There are hundreds of pages like Bulli Bai app on social media, 'Hindu women' on target in the name of religion
There are hundreds of pages like Bulli Bai app on social media, 'Hindu women' on target in the name of religion

New Delhi: Objectionable things about women are being said on social media, that too on the basis of religion. Recently, there was an uproar over the Bulli Bai app after which the police arrested two accused in action. But many content is still available on social media in which Hindu women are being defamed by violating their privacy. By associating their names with Muslim men, they are openly called 'prostitutes'. It is now up to the administration to find out who are behind the online 'auction' of women on the basis of religion and their making of pornographic content. However, it is noteworthy how silent people are in this matter.

Is the reason behind this that Hindu women are not anyone's 'vote bank'? That is why their feelings are not appreciated, neither for the leaders nor for the people who invoke the so-called human rights. Some activists on social media have tried to draw the government's attention and Modi cabinet ministers have also taken cognizance of the matter. If you look at Facebook, it has a page called 'Sanskari Hindu Biwi Muslim Mard Ki Diwani'. At the same time, its profile photo contains a picture of a Muslim holding a Hindu girl. Its cover photo has a painting. The painting shows an elderly Muslim man and a woman wearing a saree holding his tie with him, apparently depicting the woman as a Hindu. The Muslim man has a moon-star on his cap for his Islamic identity.

There is another group on Facebook called 'Muslim Man Woman's Thirst', which has 872 users associated with it. Its profile photo shows a woman and a man kissing each other. Clearly, a man is depicted as a Muslim and a woman as a Hindu.

A Facebook user named 'Hanni Jaan' in the group has also asked, 'Is a Hindu woman online?' Will anyone raise her voice on the derogatory things about Hindu women by forming such groups and adding thousands of people to it?

Now come to Instagram with a page with a username – 'Cruel Muslim Butcher' and the user's name is 'Aslam Khan'. Not only that, 4239 people follow it. It also shows a Muslim elderly man wearing a saree and wearing a bindi with a Hindu woman. Efforts are being made to show through pages that Hindu women fall under the 'lower category' and Muslim men are 'superior', who keep getting intimate with them and this is normal. There are more pages on Instagram, whose names are 'Bad Boy' and 'Cruel Boy'. It also depicts a Muslim man with a Hindu woman without clothes. All the pictures on this page are obscene, as well as 1818 followers on the Bad Boy page. The pages also depict Hindu goddesses in a highly derogatory manner, and another Instagram page also contains obscene pictures of Hindu gods and goddesses. Its name is 'Zalim Mard', in which pornography has also been spread along with the picture of Lord Shriram, will it not fall under the category of 'Beyadbi'. At the same time, several photographs show Hindu women wearing bindis and sarees with Muslim youths.

Another Instagram handle is 'Zalim Anwar Pathan', which has 1152 followers and 17 photos have been posted from the handle. The latest 5 photographs depict a Muslim man wearing an Islamic hat with Hindu women. A picture of a Hindu woman has been put up with three Sheikhs from Arabia. In a way, 'porn content' is being created using Hindu women. Other photographs depict Hindu women in obscene conditions.

Social media user Anshul Saxena has also drawn the attention of the Central government through social media. Anshul Saxena has also revealed a telegram channel called 'Hindu Ran%$y'. There were 219 people involved. When a Twitter user named Meera Mohanty tagged Union Minister for Electronics and Information Technology Ashwini Vaishnav in a tweet in the matter, the Union Minister immediately took cognizance of it. The Union Minister informed that this telegram channel has been blocked and the Government of India is working in coordination with the police administration of the States for further action.

Not only that, e-commerce websites like Amazon also have many books that are trying to defame Hindu women.  The cover page of some of these books available on kindle has a picture of a Hindu woman wearing a man and a bindi in an Islamic hat. Several books with the title 'Indian woman having sex with a neighbour' are available on this platform. Even after all this, it is certain that the mainstream media will not show anything on it, nor will there be any 'prime time' on it, and the international media, which is at the forefront of defaming India, will also not make a single line of news on this obscenity being committed against Hindu women. Therefore, to protect the society and women from this humiliation, we have to come forward ourselves and make the police administration and governments aware of it by opening a poll of such content through social media, because the mainstream media and international media as well as the so-called social workers will not take the matter forward. Whenever you see such objectionable content on social media, report and block such content immediately.

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