Attacks on Hindus under conspiracy in Bangladesh, arrested rioter's big disclosure

Dhaka: The anti-Hindu violence that erupted in Bangladesh during Durga Puja was hatched long ago. Now two main accused have revealed the entire conspiracy against Hindus. Apart from police interrogation, the two accused have also told the court how they took systematic steps to incite violence against the Hindu community. Bangladesh police are now preparing to file strong evidence against them in court.

The court is said to have sentenced the accused to death. According to officials, one of the main accused, Saikat Mandal, has confessed to the crime before the magistrate. He has said that he provoked people through Facebook. As a result, incidents of violence took place during Durga Puja in the Pirganj sub-district of Rangpur on October 17. Saikat Mandal's colleague Rabi-ul-Islam told the magistrate that he too instigated people against Hindus and participated in spreading violence. There were several incidents of violence in Bangladesh since October 13.

Rabi-ul-Islam and Saikat Mandal were arrested by the police from Ghazipur last Friday. Both of them have been arrested under the Digital Security Act. Saikat Mandal is a student of philosophy and studies at Carmel College in Rangpur. He was a member of the students' union of the ruling Awami League. The party has fired Saikat after his arrest. According to police, Saikat constantly wrote provocative things on his Facebook account and increased his followers. On the other hand, Rabi-ul-Islam is alleged to have raised slogans inciting people through loudspeakers from the mosque on Friday. There was a rumour in Pirganj that a Hindu man had committed blasphemy through Facebook. It was after this that more than 70 Hindu houses and temples were set on fire. Police have so far registered 70 cases in connection with the violence. So far, 683 people have been arrested. Police are on the lookout for 24,000 unidentified accused.

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