These 3 symptoms of 'Omicron' are completely different from the rest of the corona variant
These 3 symptoms of 'Omicron' are completely different from the rest of the corona variant

New Delhi: The new variant of Corona, Omicron, is slowly spreading its feet. Its cases have started growing rapidly all over the world. There has been an uproar in India after its cases came to light. The delta variant had wreaked havoc here in the last wave of corona. After being infected with delta, there were some symptoms like breathing problems, high fever, weakness, taste of food and lack of fragrance. However, this is not the case with Omichron at all. The symptoms of the omicron variant are very different.

Symptoms of omicron variant:- Omicron is said to be the most contagious of all variants so far. All the patients found so far have not been diagnosed with common symptoms of corona. No one has seen flu-like problems, whereas the most prominent symptom in the delta was this. According to the doctor who first told the whole world about omicron, patients with this variant did not have classic symptoms of corona. According to Dr. Angelique Koetji, president of the South African Medical Association, the three main symptoms of omicron are headaches, severe fatigue and bad pain. They are neither having high fever nor are they getting food tests and fragrances.

Keep these things in mind:- You still have to take all precautions to prevent corona as before. Get any symptoms checked immediately and become isolate. Only in this way can this virus be prevented from spreading. Do wear a mask and apply it properly, follow the social distance, keep the food proper and if you have not administered both doses of the vaccine so far, get it done at the earliest.

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