These symptoms of Omicron are visible in people who have taken the vaccine, be alert

The third wave of corona has shocked people. The omicron is currently wreaking havoc and things have worsened since its arrival. At present, many countries, including India, are facing this deadly variant. Let me tell you all that the symptoms of omicron are not considered very serious so far, although it is most contagious than all the old variants. Not only that, people who have both doses of corona are also showing symptoms.  Yes, the profile of corona symptoms has also been changed in view of the new variants of covid that are emerging from time to time.

On the other hand, Tim Spectator, a professor at NewsGP, recently explained, "When it comes to alpha variants in 2020, the 3 symptoms were very common, such as cough, fever, and loss of sniffing. Let me tell you that Professor Spectator is the leading scientist in the ZOE Covid study, who has monitored epidemic activities through millions of app users. "Then, when delta variants came, we saw a change in its symptoms, which led to the fall of alpha symptoms in the top rankings, and delta symptoms in the top ranking," he says. Symptoms such as nasal sore throat, sore throat and frequent sneezing were common. These symptoms were especially seen in people who were completely vaccinated. '

At the same time, he said, "Coming to the third variant of corona, it seems to be driving the delta trend. He further explained, "The symptoms of omicron are similar to a common cold, cold and fever, and this symptom is visible in people who are completely vaccinated.

Here are the top 5 symptoms mentioned in the ZOE app:

-Runny nose
-Fatigue (severe or light)
- Sore throat.

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