Thiruvananthapuram Welcomes 'Museum of Moon' by Luke Jerram: A Spectacular Installation
Thiruvananthapuram Welcomes 'Museum of Moon' by Luke Jerram: A Spectacular Installation

Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala - A highly anticipated event is set to grace Thiruvananthapuram today as the world-renowned installation artwork 'Museum of Moon' by Luke Jerram arrives in the city. This extraordinary piece, resembling a radiant moon with a colossal diameter of 23 feet akin to a three-story building, is poised to captivate audiences. The exhibition opens its doors at 7 pm and welcomes visitors free of charge.

In honor of World Moon Day, an exclusive program will be broadcast on the KITE Victers channel at 12 noon, 7 p.m., and 10 p.m. this Friday. This special telecast serves as the launch for the science festival's outreach program, themed 'Moon and Extraterrestrial Footprints.'

Crafted as a lunar-themed installation, the 'Museum of Moon' showcases stunning NASA-captured images of the moon's surface, promising to mesmerize attendees with its breathtaking realism. As a special treat, a one-night preview on December 5 will offer an immersive experience akin to gazing at a miniature moon.

An estimated 1 million visitors will converge at the Global Science Fest Kerala, focused on the theme of Life Sciences. The festival's pinnacle will feature an intricately curated science exhibition within a dedicated festival complex. Taking shape over a sprawling 20-acre campus at the Life Sciences Park, the festival's focal point will be a colossal pavilion covering 2.5 lakh sq ft. This exhibition guarantees a diverse blend of engaging elements, comprising immersive walk-ins, interactive digital platforms, lifelike replicas, and a showcase of original objects.

Luke Jerram conducted a recent visit to the exhibition site at Kanakakunnu to ensure a seamless and captivating showcase. US Consul General Christopher Hodges will grace Thiruvananthapuram today from Chennai, personally immersing himself in the 'Museum of Moon.'

Elevating the immersive experience, BAFTA award-winning composer Dan Jones has crafted ambient background music for the installation. Moreover, Luke Jerram is scheduled to engage with audiences at various Thiruvananthapuram venues, including the CET International School and Priyadarshini Planetarium in the forthcoming days.

Hosted by the Kerala State Council for Science, Technology, and Environment, in collaboration with A museum Art Science, a foundation uniting artists, scientists, and cultural enthusiasts, the 'Museum of the Moon' stands out as a marquee attraction at the Life Sciences Park in Thonakkal. As part of the Global Science Fest Kerala, an array of enriching activities awaits attendees. These activities encompass night-time sky observation, a tailor-made science congress for students, hands-on workshops, enlightening lectures, and culturally vibrant programs. The festival is poised to serve as a convergence point for national institutions, organizations, museums, and international science exhibition agencies.

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