This Day in History: 19th Anniversary of the 2004 Tsunami, Kick off National Safety Day
This Day in History: 19th Anniversary of the 2004 Tsunami, Kick off National Safety Day

Today, December 26, marks the solemn commemoration of the 19th anniversary of the devastating 2004 tsunami that struck several countries, including Sri Lanka. A day of reflection and remembrance, the nation pauses to honor the lives lost to this catastrophic natural disaster and other similar calamities, as announced by Major General (retired) Sudantha Ranasinghe, Director General of the Disaster Management Centre.

A poignant tribute will take place nationwide, where a poignant moment of silence lasting two minutes will be observed from 9:25 a.m. to 9:27 a.m. This respectful pause serves as a collective gesture to remember and pay homage to all the individuals who tragically perished during the 2004 tsunami and in other natural calamities that have impacted Sri Lanka over the years.

In tandem with this commemoration, Major Gen. Ranasinghe disclosed the commencement of a new initiative aimed at enhancing public awareness concerning tsunami risks. This program is set to kick off on the National Safety Day and will be a significant step toward fostering preparedness and safety within communities vulnerable to such disasters.

Speaking about this novel awareness campaign, Major Gen. Ranasinghe outlined that it would leverage a unique approach by utilizing mobile phones' caller tune ringtones. This innovative method seeks to engage the populace actively, using a platform that is ubiquitous in modern society, to impart crucial information and raise consciousness about tsunami dangers.

This initiative underscores the ongoing commitment of Sri Lanka's authorities and stakeholders toward bolstering disaster preparedness and educating citizens about the potential risks posed by natural calamities. It serves as a testament to the collective determination to prevent future tragedies and ensure the safety and well-being of the nation's inhabitants.

As the nation observes this poignant anniversary, it stands united in remembrance, honoring the memory of those who lost their lives and reaffirming the resolve to build a more resilient and prepared society in the face of natural disasters.

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