This green vegetable will protect you from corona and omicron, start eating today

Many vegetables are said to be beneficial in winter. Hari vegetables are at the forefront of this list. In fact, in cold days, one should eat bathua, spinach, peas, radish, etc. to protect yourself from colds. All of them increase your immunity and also protect you from viruses like corona and omicron . However, the same list also includes green gram which gives you great benefits. (benefits of green chickpeas) Every gram is also known as cholia (Chholia benefits). The lower the quantity of calories, the better quantity nutrition (hara chana nutrition) it contains. Yes, and the highlight of this vegetable is that you can prepare it both in a veg and non-veg manner. Now we tell you the specialty of green gram.

Vitamins A and C - Green chickpeas contain vitamin A and C rich quantity. All of them are one of the most important nutritions for our body. Tell you that vitamin C (Green chickpeas vitamin C rich) not only strengthens our immunity but also protects against infected diseases. Vitamin A, on the other hand, works to keep the skin healthy.

Vitamin B9 and Folate - Green gram contains good sources of vitamin B9 and folate (Green chickpeas vitamin A source). They keep our mood good along with health in winter. Tell you that folate is especially known for fighting symptoms of depression.

Protein - This vegetable has a good quantity of protein. This muscle is a very important nutrition for growth. In such a situation, if you are planning to lose your fat or lose weight, you should eat it.

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