This Haryanvi dancer will be in Kangana Ranaut's captivity...
This Haryanvi dancer will be in Kangana Ranaut's captivity...

Lockup 2, Kangana Ranaut's reality series, is still in the news. Several celebrities' names have begun to surface on social media. There are rumours that Anjali Raghav, also known as the Shakira of Haryana, will take part in the performance. Anjali has not yet formally declared her participation, though. But the fans' fervour has already doubled.

Anjali Raghav: Who is she? The North is home to the well-known star Anjali Raghav. Anjali performs live events throughout Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, and Uttar Pradesh. where there is a sizable crowd of individuals. Some regional music videos feature Anjali Raghav as well. 1. There are 6 million Instagram followers for Anjali. Anjali works as a model and actress. With the Hindi TV programme Carry-Rishta Khatta Meetha, Anjali made her television debut. She portrayed Sweety Ashok Srivastava in this. Anjali will additionally make an appearance in Swarna Ghar on Colors.

Anjali has been honored with many awards for her excellent dancing and work. The entire state of Uttar Pradesh and Haryana rejoices at Anjali's hanging and shaking. If the actress comes to Lockup 2, then fans are also going to get a big treat. They will get an opportunity to get to know Anjali in real life. Even before Anjali, many regional stars have also earned a name by going on reality shows. Today, these regional stars have become national stars. Know about these celebrities.

Gori Nagori: Gori Nagori is also called Shakira of Haryana. Gori Nagori appeared on Bigg Boss 16. Gori's journey in the show was short. They started to look weak when it came to games. At the same time, when there was a dance act, there was a white nagori. Gori is a big star in Haryana, UP, and Rajasthan. Their live shows are packed.

Sapna Chaudhary: Sapna Chaudhary participated in Bigg Boss 11. Sapna was already a star in Haryana. The whole of Haryana was crazy about his dance. But after coming to Bigg Boss, Sapna became a national star. Now the dream does not need any recognition. Everyone is crazy about Sapna's dance, her songs. After Bigg Boss, Sapna's personality also became groomed.

Who does not recognize Shehnaaz Gill today? Shehnaz came into Bigg Boss 13 and has started ruling everyone's hearts. Previously, she was involved in the discussion through Punjabi songs or modeling. Earlier, Shahnaz's popularity was limited to Punjab. But now Shahnaz Gill runs her own talk show. Salman Khan is going to make her movie.

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