This is the world's most expensive SUV Karlmann King….
This is the world's most expensive SUV Karlmann King….

Everyone can make plans to buy SUVs, but there is a need for so much money to buy this SUV so that a good business can be started. But if you are thinking of buying a luxurious and very luxurious car then this car will attract you very much, which is more expensive than Lamborghini Urus.

This SUV, named Karlmann King, has become the world's most expensive SUV, which has been created by a company named IAT, and a team of 1800 Europeans has worked for it. The company says that we have made only 12 units of Karlmann King to sell all over the world and it is not possible to do what all cars have to do before being booked and sold.

Karlmann King SUV is built on the Ford F-550 platform and weight 4500 kg. If you want to make bulletproof of this SUV, the weight of the car increases to 6000 kg. It has an SUV of about 6 meters in length, and the company has equipped it with a very strong 6.8-liter V8 engine, which has been taken from the Ford F-550. This engine has the capacity to generate 400 bhp power. Karlmann King's top speed is 140 km / h and the company had first showcased this SUV in the Dubai International Motor Show in 2017. The company has priced this SUV worth 1.56 million pounds (about 14.33 crores).


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