Tokyo: Man arrested for doing wrong with three medical professionals

After an 11-hour confrontation in which a man allegedly attacked three medical professionals who made a visit to his house outside Tokyo, Japanese police detained an armed man early Friday morning.

The armed man in his 50s to 70s shot one of the medical personnel in the abdomen, wounded another with tear gas, and kidnapped a third hostage. The wounded worker, a 41-year-old physiotherapist, has had surgery since then, but his status has not been made public. According to local police, the hostage was a 44-year-old male doctor who had no vital signs when freed by police after an 11-hour siege.

A medical professional was also brought to the hospital after being attacked with tear gas. After police raided the residence in Saitama Prefecture, the man was arrested. The three medical personnel allegedly paid the man a visit to offer their support and condolences following a loss in the man's family.

They arrived to the man's house at 9:00 p.m. local time on Thursday evening, and the standoff lasted until early Friday morning. Around 110 people were evacuated, and the area's elementary and junior high schools will be closed on Friday.

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