Top 5 secrets of Google that you may not know about
Top 5 secrets of Google that you may not know about

Google is arguably the most preferred and used search engine in the world. The search engine is like a vast ocean that has many wonders, many of which are known to all of us, but there are many others which are completely beyond our understanding and imagination. Today we are going to give you information about 5 such tricks of Google, which are very fun and innovative.

Many people would know about it but many would not even be aware of it. How to pass time when there is no internet? For which Google has found a tremendous way. Offline dinosaur games are available to play when there is no internet. Whenever there is no internet, it automatically comes to the page. By clicking, the user will be able to play it.

You have to type "Askew" in the search bar, press enter and your page will start tilting to one side. But there is nothing to worry about, there is no problem with the screen. Just the text is showing tilted downwards. As soon as you go to the new page, it will start getting fixed. Type "Google Orbit" and click on Search. The very first result you're going to get is "Google Sphere - Mr. Doo". By clicking on it, the homepage will start rotating.

If you don't have a coin and play doesn't require a toss, Google is on hand to help you too. Type "flip a coin" and press enter. Heads or Tails... Click on the one you want, it will make your job as easy as a toss.

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