Tragic Incident at Company Celebration: CEO Fatally Injured While Making Grand Entrance from Cage
Tragic Incident at Company Celebration: CEO Fatally Injured While Making Grand Entrance from Cage

In a shocking incident in Hyderabad, a private company's celebratory event turned into a nightmare at Ramoji Film City. The unfortunate incident unfolded during the Silver Jubilee program of Vistex Asia, a US-based company. The company's CEO, Sanjay Shah (56 years old), and Chairman Raju Dattla (52 years old) were descending from a cage onto the stage as part of the celebration. The descent, planned to be a slow and controlled process using a crane, took a tragic turn.

The cage, suspended by a 6mm cable, was hanging at a height of 25 feet. As the cage descended, the cable snapped, causing one side to tilt. Subsequently, both individuals plummeted to the stage below, and the festive atmosphere quickly turned somber. Immediate medical attention was provided, and Sanjay Shah was rushed to the hospital, but unfortunately, the injuries proved fatal. Raju Dattla's condition is reported to be serious.

The video footage of the incident has surfaced, revealing the harrowing moment when both executives fell from the stage, triggering a wave of shock among the attendees.

Approximately 700 employees had gathered to participate in the event, marking the company's milestone celebration. In response to a complaint from a company official, legal action has been initiated against the event manager of Ramoji Film City on various charges. According to the police, Shah fell from a height of 15 feet, and the stage was made of concrete.

Vistex Asia, based in Illinois, is a company specializing in revenue management and service provision. The incident has cast a shadow over what was supposed to be a joyous celebration of the company's achievements, leaving the corporate community in mourning.

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