Trai says not recommended 11 digit mobile numbering plan

May 31 2020 07:49 PM
Trai says not recommended 11 digit mobile numbering plan

Telecom regulator TRAI has denied reports recommending an 11-digit mobile number surfaced recently. The authority has said that it has never made any recommendations for a mobile number of 11 digits. Rather, they have recommended to put '0' before calling the mobile number from the landline. 2,544 million additional numbering resources will be generated by applying '0' before calling the mobile number from the fixed line. Through these resources, future needs will be met. According to TRAI's recommendations, the system of 10-digit mobile number will continue as usual throughout the country. Let us tell you that for the last two years, news was coming about the 11-digit mobile number. The authority issued a statement saying that it has not been recommended for the arrangement of 11-digit mobile numbers across the country.

For calling only mobile numbers from landline it is recommended to put '0' before the number. The authority said that there is no need for unified and single numbering scheme for fixed line and mobile service. Adequate numbering system resources can be generated in various ways. TRAI has stated in its recommendation that there is no need for any kind of dialing plan fixed to fixed, mobile to fixed and mobile to mobile calls. The authority also clarified that the new National Numbering Plan (NNM) should be issued soon and for this they have issued suggestions to create space by freeing unutilized capacity so that sufficient space can be created for mobile service.

During the consultations, most operators opposed the 11-digit numbering system for mobiles, and said that the 11-digit numbering system would require massive modifications, including software and hardware updates. This may result in additional burden on the operators as well as create confusion among the customers. The authority also believes that there are many problems in digitizing the number of mobile numbers from 10 digits to 11 digits. May be required. Due to this, modifications will have to be done in the switching configurations on a large scale and it may cost more. Also, there will be confusion among customers in dialing extra digits, due to which many dialing disturbances may be encountered. Due to which there may be an increase in traffic and loss in operator's revenue.

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