This advice was given to people on leaving the job of former IAS officer, know here

Today we are going to share with you very different news. In India, clearing civil service exam is very crooked. Every year lakhs of candidates sit in this exam but only a handful of people are successful. Those who crack this exam change their lives. But if someone leaves the job after becoming an IAS, then think what he would not have thought before taking this decision.

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But when IAS officer Kannan Gopinathan decided to quit the high-profile job, he would not have thought that dirty clothes would become his biggest problem. Kannan recently posted on Twitter that he said what kind of problems he is facing after leaving the job. Along with this, he also revealed that after leaving the job, he has to wash all his clothes on his own.

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He tweeted, "The thing I regret most after leaving IAS is that after every tour I have to wash my clothes on my own. Whoever is thinking about leaving the job is do not do this without buying a washing machine. I repeat again. Do not leave the job until you buy a washing machine. "

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