Twitter war in Gujarat election
Twitter war in Gujarat election

In the Burning politics of Gujarat Election  2017, Twitter is playing a great role inflaming the fire in both parties.Here are some of the famous tweets. which are made by Bharti Janta Party(BJP)  and Congress on each other.

Congress tweet on BJP

1.Wrinkle on face, sweating on the forehead comes from frightening-in-the-way of the shah-exceeds, Rafael's questions and why his lips are sewed

2.Demonetisation is a tragedy. We stand with millions of honest Indians, whose lives & livelihoods were destroyed by PM’s thoughtless act.

3.Narendrabhai, बात नहीं बनी. Terror mastermind is free. President Trump just delinked Pak military funding from LeT. Diplomacy fails. More hugs urgently needed.

4.Narendrabhai, बात नहीं बनी. Terror mastermind is free. President Trump just delinked Pak military funding from LeT. Diplomacy fails. More hugs urgently needed.

5.We will not allow BJP to impose a Gabbar Singh Tax on India. They cannot break the back of the small and medium businesses, crush the informal sector and destroy millions of jobs.

6.According to 22 years reminding-7 question: Proclamations' infidelity was killed Notabandi the Lutai of a GST that hit all the remaining grosses, and the inexpensive killings will live fitful just the rich BJP government?


BJP tweet on Congress

1.Congress has shown contempt for Gujarat. They prevented Narmada waters from reaching people across the state, their reign was characterized by poor law and order, and they destabilized Chief Ministers from the Patel community be it Babubhai, Chimanbhai, Keshubhai, and Anandiben.

2.The Congress promised to give handpumps before the election, and the promise to play a three-three election. The Congress's development model is handpumps while the Bharatiya Janata Party's development model is reflected in the Saudi project and the Narmada pipeline project-PM Sri.

3.The ill of the political parties and scamsters turned into junk at the time of Notabandi on November 8 last year, the same is the cry of Notabandi today. Those who swag the public, are being accounted for today-PM Mr.

4.We are fighting the election on the development issue, while the opposition is spreading racist poison in society by falsely preaching-PM Mr @narendramodi #BJP4Gujarat

5.The Congress is a burden on the country. Congress has neither a leader nor a policy, nor is it with the general public

6.The Congress party is seeking a vote on the basis of racist poison in Gujarat and is seeking a vote for BJP development: Mr. Amit Shah.

7.Congress wants the votes of OBC community but they should answer first, why they did not give permission to grant constitutional status to the OBC Commission for so many years. I assure you that our government will pass this bill in the Parliament: PM Shri.

8.Congress used to promise handpumps before elections after elections. Congress’s model of development is handpump, while Bharatiya Janata Party’s model of development is reflected in projects like SAUNI and Narmada pipeline: PM Shri.

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