UAE Crown Prince Orders Work-From-Home Amid Weather Concerns: Here's What You Need to Know
UAE Crown Prince Orders Work-From-Home Amid Weather Concerns: Here's What You Need to Know

UAE Crown Prince Sheikh Ammar bin Humaid Al Nuaimi has instructed government employees to work from home today due to adverse weather conditions. The decision, applicable to all Ajman government offices, aims to ensure the safety and well-being of employees amid weather fluctuations expected until April 17.

In response to the anticipated challenging weather, Abu Dhabi Police are fully prepared and will collaborate closely with relevant authorities to ensure public safety. Key entities such as the Abu Dhabi Civil Defence Authority, Department of Municipalities and Transport, Al Ain Municipality, Al Dhafra Municipality, and Abu Dhabi Department of Energy have affirmed their commitment to safeguarding the community.

Emergency plans have been activated, and support patrols deployed by Abu Dhabi Police. Precautionary measures, including increased manpower in operations rooms, have been implemented. Both the Abu Dhabi Police Command and Abu Dhabi Civil Defence Authority urge the public to take necessary precautions and stay updated with official information from the National Center of Meteorology.

Safe driving practices are emphasized, including avoiding distractions, adhering to speed limits (especially during the implementation of speed reduction systems on roads), maintaining safe distances between vehicles, avoiding sudden braking, and reducing speed when turning to prevent skidding.

The Department of Energy and energy sector companies have also heightened their emergency readiness and instructed swift response from maintenance teams to address any reports concerning power outages due to weather fluctuations.

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