Udaygarh's daughters giving health care in Indore due to selfless service
Udaygarh's daughters giving health care in Indore due to selfless service

Udaygarh: In today's time, showing humanity is a big religion and this time is very serious for all of us. At this time, the coronavirus has surrounded everyone and people are imprisoned in their homes to avoid it. There are many Corona warriors who are engaged in the fight against this epidemic. These include Sayna and Neelofar, two daughters of Udaigarh. Both real sisters are giving health care in Indore at this time, where the danger is highest. Both the daughters of the village are in Indore since December 2019 and are giving their services in the CHL Apollo Hospital.

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Sayna is an associate in the pediatric unit while Neelofar is working in the cath lab. According to the news, both are away from the family for four months and are coming forward in fulfilling the religion of humanity. Sayna and Neelofar's father had left the wife and their children long time ago and after that the mother and the grandmother together raised both. The mother of both worked in people's homes to raise daughters on her feet, and grandmother also devoted her life to better education of both.

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Sayna and Neelofar say, "Grandmother was a ward boy in Udaygarh Health Center. This salary could have been spent in some way. So mother and grandmother worked with the people. Cut other expenses and teach us both." This shows that they have inherited the values of selfless service from their mother and grandmother. Sayna and Neelofar have not seen their mother, grandmother and other members for 4 months because they do not have a smartphone at home, so only both are able to talk to them. This story of both is very touching. Some people come forward as an example in the society, which is very good.

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