UK Police Arrest 40 After Pro-Palestinian Rally Leads to Clashes in London
UK Police Arrest 40 After Pro-Palestinian Rally Leads to Clashes in London

London: UK police announced on Wednesday that they arrested 40 people and three officers were injured after protesters refused to disperse following a demonstration in London about Israel’s recent military actions in Gaza.

The Metropolitan Police Service in London said the arrests took place late on Tuesday. Offenses included breaking public order rules, blocking roads, and attacking emergency workers.

Two officers suffered minor injuries after being attacked. Another officer was seriously injured when hit by a bottle thrown from the crowd. Police are investigating who threw the bottle.

The protest, organized by groups including the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, was allowed by police to take place in early evening outside Downing Street in central London. However, police set a condition that the protest end by 8:00 pm.

Around 10,000 people attended the protest, and most left by the set time. But around 500 protesters stayed to continue their demonstration.

The Met Police said, "Officers tried to talk with the protesters before making several arrests of those who did not follow the rules. Some protesters resisted physically, which led to officers having to use force to remove those who were arrested."

More arrests happened later in the evening after the remaining demonstrators started a separate march. They were stopped outside a train station.

Israel's recent military actions in Gaza, mainly around Rafah, have caused new protests in London and other cities worldwide.

In London, there have been many marches against Israel’s response to the Hamas attack on its territory on October 7. Most have been peaceful, but police have made arrests at many of them for different reasons, including chanting anti-Semitic slogans, displaying banners, supporting a banned organization, and attacking people.

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