UN General Assembly resolution urges efforts to mitigate food security crisis

UNITED NATIONS: The United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) has passed a resolution urging international cooperation to address the present food security crisis.

The resolution calls on the international community to provide immediate assistance to countries affected by the food security crisis through coordinated actions such as emergency food supplies, food programmes, financial assistance, and increased and diversified agricultural production. It asks for the World Trade Organization to promote a universal, rules-based, open, non-discriminatory, and egalitarian multilateral trade system.

The resolution urges the international community, especially the G7 and G20, to prioritise global food security and support multilateral efforts to develop cost-effective solutions to the situation. It urges member states and other relevant stakeholders to maintain food and agriculture supply chains, to provide technical means and help to farmers, including small-scale and family farmers, to enable them to produce crops and livestock sustainably, and to avoid hoarding food and commodities.

It emphasises the need of attempting to eliminate all forms of protectionism by keeping trade channels and markets open for the movement of food, fuel, fertiliser, and other agricultural inputs and outputs. It also emphasises the importance of keeping fuel prices low in order to keep food prices stable, and urges governments not to stockpile energy commodities.

The resolution calls on international financial institutions to find immediate, cheap, and timely solutions to assist developing nations, particularly those with high debt levels, in responding to the food security crisis, including facilitating debt relief, concessional financing, and grants.

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