Under the guise of Gandhi miscreants burnt the country's '50 lakh crore' rupees! Revealed in the GPI report
Under the guise of Gandhi miscreants burnt the country's '50 lakh crore' rupees! Revealed in the GPI report

New Delhi: The nation has suffered a lot due to the riot that has been created in the name of Satyagrahi and peaceful movement in a country that believes in Gandhi. These agitators take the guise of Gandhi, but their method is similar to that of Bakhtiyar Khilji (who burnt down the Nalanda University). In fact, in most of the movements in the country, the protesters talk about peaceful movement like Mahatma Gandhi, but they do not take long to indulge in violence, due to which the common people of the country have to bear the brunt. The continuous demonstrations and incidents of violence in the country have caused great economic damage to the country. This has been revealed in the report of the Global Peace Index (GPI).

The GPI has revealed that the country has suffered a loss of about $ 646 billion (ie about 50 lakh crore rupees) last year due to incidents of violence. India is ranked 135 in this list of 163 countries, while Pakistan and China are at 54 and 138 respectively. According to the report, many other types of violent incidents including CAA-NRC, farmers' agitation in the country have caused economic losses on a large scale. This money, which had been burnt in the fire of violence, could have started many welfare schemes for the country and the poor.

According to the Global Peace Index report, the loss caused to the country due to violence is 6 percent of India's total GDP. However, this is not a one-year report. The GPI has claimed in its report that terrorist and Naxalite attacks in the last few years are also responsible for this. India is ranked 72nd in the Global Peace Index.

Let us tell you that Iceland is the world's most peaceful country in the Global Peace Index-2022 report. At the same time, in terms of peace, New Zealand is at second place and Ireland at number three. At the same time, if we talk about the most disturbed countries of the world, then Afghanistan tops the GPI index. It is followed by Yemen and Syria, which are battling Islamic terrorism. The special thing is that the number of violence-prone countries of the world has also increased from 29 to 38. According to the report, Asia is the most disturbed region in the world after the continent of Africa. At the same time, if we look at the global loss of violence, then due to this, 16.5 trillion dollars (Rs 1,300 lakh crore) have been lost all over the world.

The same pattern was seen against the Agneepath scheme:-


Let us tell you that due to not properly understanding the Agneepath scheme brought by the Central Government, violent demonstrations are taking place across the country. Now call them protesting youth or simply call them rioters, because these people have burnt 9 trains till yesterday (Friday). For your information, let us tell you that the cost of a train is about 50 crores. That is, these miscreants have burnt 450 crores of the country to ashes in the name of protest. It is also worth considering here that will a young man with the dream of serving the country by becoming a soldier in his heart burn the wealth of the country itself? In such a situation, the question arises that will those who burn the country be able to serve the country by staying in the army? Because a soldier sacrifices his life to save the country and these miscreants are burning the country's properties and also attacking the police. 

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