Secret behind London Bridge attack revealed, Person from Kashmir arrested

Dec 03 2019 10:46 AM
Secret behind London Bridge attack revealed,  Person from Kashmir arrested

On Monday, police arrested a person suspected of involvement in the conspiracy to carry out a terrorist attack on London Bridge. The terrorist attack took place on Friday and Usman Khan, who killed two people with a knife, was killed by the police in retaliation. Usman was a resident of Pakistan-occupied Ghulam Kashmir.

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According to media reports, the family of Najam Hussain, who was arrested, also came from the same village in Ghulam Kashmir, where Usman was involved. They were involved in a conspiracy to fit a bomb in the building of the London Stock Exchange in which both were convicted. In 2012, both of them had also run a terrorist camp in a madrasa of slave Kashmir and the youth were trained in terrorist activities in it.

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Osman and Najam have already been arrested in connection with their activities. Staffordshire Police are conducting continuous raids in connection with the investigation of the London Bridge attack. In the UK, there is an ongoing phase of accusation on the issue of Usman being released from jail prematurely. While the opposition Labor Party has blamed the ruling Conservative Party for the release, Prime Minister Boris Johnson attributed the changed policies of the Labor Party to its rule.

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