US Muslims launch political campaigns against President Trump

Apr 17 2018 10:18 AM
US Muslims launch political campaigns against President Trump


Washington D.C. [USA], Apr 16 (NT): Muslims who lives in the United States have launched diverse political campaigns against President Donald Trump's "oppressive" policies on the community, ahead of the gubernatorial elections scheduled in November this year.

“Various Muslim and Arab advocacy groups-- like Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), Emgage (formerly called Emerge USA), and the Arab American Institute have trained aspiring political activists, tracking rising politicians and running get-out-the-vote campaigns in regards to the rise in hate attacks against the minority community in the consequences of the 9/11 attacks”, The Washington Post reported.

As per the  poll conducted by Emgage, a non-profit organization working towards promoting Muslim political engagement in the country, 53 percent of Muslim voters said that they felt "less safe" after the 2016 US election.

"But the response has been increased civic participation. I'm one of the people who, looking at the long-term impact of this, is optimistic," Wa'el Alzayat, the organization’s head executive was quoted by The Washington Post as saying.

The aspirant of American Muslim includes all from different walks of lives, such as well-known political activists, former Obama administration officials, lawyers and physicians, a molecular biologist, women's rights advocates and a former Planned Parenthood manager.

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