US surpass 15 million Covid 19 cases, highest in the world
US surpass 15 million Covid 19 cases, highest in the world

United States on Tuesday crossed the threshold of 15 million coronavirus cases, so far the highest total in the world, as American hospitals face staff shortages and warnings about the “rampant” spread of the disease. Pennsylvania’s governor Tom Wolf  calls it a “dangerous, disturbing scenario” that will force overwhelmed hospitals to begin turning away patients if people do not take steps to slow the spread. 

Wolf said additional pandemic restrictions might be on the way as the ones already in place have not worked. Three US states have recorded a million cases each of Covid-19 which are California, Texas and Florida. California has already enacted new stay-at-home guidelines for its 33 million residents, which reduced the death rate. Deaths due to the coronavirus in the US have increased to more than 2,200 a day on average, matching the peak reached last April, it may to get worse because of the fallout from gatherings at Thanksgiving, Christmas and over the New Year. 

Michael Ryan, the World Health Organization’s chief of emergencies, said: “The epidemic in the US is punishing. It’s widespread. It’s quite frankly shocking to see one to two persons a minute die in the US – a country with a wonderful, strong health system, amazing technological capacities.” The total confirmed cases stands at 15,159,856 with Tuesday addition of 2,15,860 new cases and death toll stands at 2,86,112 and yesterday contributed 2,546. 

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