Bulldozer Baba Yogi's tremendous return, Badan Singh Baddo's black property destroyed

Lucknow: After the return of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government in Uttar Pradesh, the administration's bulldozers have again started moving on the properties of miscreants and mafias. This time the bulldozer has run in Meerut. Meerut police today took action on the illegal market and factory of Badan Singh Baddo and his associate, who had escaped from police custody.

This morning, police and Meerut Development Authority officials reached Jagannathpuri in the Thana TV Nagar area of Meerut with bulldozers. There, the land of the park occupied by the notorious badass Badan Singh Baddo and his associate was freed from possession. Police said the action was taken because it was parkland and is still parkland. Meerut police said, "It has been gradually occupied by land mafias and buildings have been built. It was occupied by the biggest land mafia Badan Singh Baddo and his associates, in which he had built a building here in the name of Renu Gupta. In this, the Meerut Development Authority had ordered the demolition in a completely legal manner."

Meerut police said action is being taken to demolish the illegal building built on the parkland. Earlier, the Meerut police and the Meerut Development Authority had also demolished the multi-crore Kothi of mafia Badan Singh Baddo, who escaped from police custody. 

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