Validation of Modi Government's Kashmir Policy through Successful Polling: Amit Shah
Validation of Modi Government's Kashmir Policy through Successful Polling: Amit Shah

Srinagar: Union Home Minister Amit Shah has affirmed that the Kashmir policy of the Modi government has been validated by the successful polling in Jammu and Kashmir. He noted that even separatists have participated "overwhelmingly" in the voting process. Shah assured that assembly elections in the region will be conducted before September 30.

In an interview on Saturday, Shah stated that once the elections conclude, the government will initiate the process of reinstating statehood to the Union Territory. He reiterated the commitment made in Parliament regarding granting statehood after the assembly elections. Shah highlighted the completion of the delimitation process, a prerequisite for implementing reservations.

Addressing the Supreme Court's directive from December 11, 2023, Shah underscored that the Election Commission of India has been instructed to organize elections in Jammu and Kashmir by September 30, 2024. He affirmed that all necessary steps will be taken to meet this deadline.

Reflecting on the increased voter turnout in the Kashmir valley during the Lok Sabha elections, Shah remarked that there has been a noticeable shift in attitudes. He emphasized that the elections were conducted under the Indian Constitution following the abrogation of Kashmir's Constitution. Shah acknowledged the participation of individuals and organizations with diverse political inclinations.

Shah hailed the significant voter turnout in the Kashmir valley as a triumph for democracy and a testament to the success of the Modi government's Kashmir policy over the past decade. He noted that the three seats in the Kashmir valley witnessed the highest voter turnout in many decades, according to the Election Commission.

Regarding the absence of BJP candidates in the Lok Sabha elections in the Kashmir valley, Shah explained that the party is actively working on strengthening its organization in the region. He assured that BJP candidates will contest future elections as the organization expands.

On the prospect of merging Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) with Jammu and Kashmir, Shah expressed his personal belief that PoK could have been part of India in 1947-48. He attributed its separation to the premature ceasefire declared by the Jawaharlal Nehru government during the first war with Pakistan. Shah emphasized that any decision regarding the merger of PoK with Jammu and Kashmir requires thorough deliberation due to its significance for the country.

Highlighting the BJP's manifesto and a unanimous Parliamentary resolution on the issue, Shah emphasized that the merger of PoK is a priority for the party. He noted that even the Congress party had supported the resolution.

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