Writer Vamsi Rajesh Kondaveeti dies due to coronavirus
Writer Vamsi Rajesh Kondaveeti dies due to coronavirus

Hyderabad: A big news has come about the screenplay writer Vamsi Rajesh Kondaviti. He was undergoing treatment in a private hospital in Hyderabad, Telangana, but now he is no longer in this world. He died due to coronavirus. It is being told that he died on Thursday night. According to a report that came out earlier this month, the Coronavirus report of Vamsi came positive again.

He has been hospitalized since then. His health was continuously deteriorating since last week and he died on November 12. After his death, his colleagues in the Telugu film industry suffered a major setback. Everyone is mourning his death. It is being told that Vamsi was having trouble breathing for the last one week and was put on life support.

Vamsi Rajesh Kondaveeti has mainly worked in the Telugu film industry. He has also served as the script coordinator for the 2017 hit film 'Mr'. He also wrote the script for the film Amar Akbar Anthony. It is being told that his funeral will be done at his residence on 13 November. Before that, the famous comedian actor Venugopal Kosuri also died of Coronavirus on September 23. He was 60 years old.

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