VIDEO: Chimpanzee Escapes Zoo Enclosure, Kicks Keeper and then...
VIDEO: Chimpanzee Escapes Zoo Enclosure, Kicks Keeper and then...

Beijing: China's Hefei Wildlife Park has also seen something that is being discussed all around.A chimpanzee escaped from his enclsoure in China's Hefei Wildlife Park on Friday morning, causing much confusion and chaos as he charged at visitors and even kicked an employee to the ground.

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While the chimpanzees were running away, some Keppers came in front of him and tried to control him, causing him to get angry and kick the Keeper and run away. The video is increasingly being viral on social media.

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The 12-year-old chimpanzee is named as Yang Yang. After kicking, he climbed on the roof. Where he was shot unconscious with a tranquillizer gun and left back in the cage. According to news going viral on social media, chimpanzees resorted to trees to escape from the cage and came out trying to jump and panic. At the moment, the video is rapidly going viral on social media, and people are liking it a lot. These videos have been uploaded by crazy boo channel on YouTube.





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