Volkswagen starts booking for the new sedan :Ameo(Diesel)
Volkswagen starts booking for the new sedan :Ameo(Diesel)

The Volkswagen model of the year or the only model this year, Ameo’s petrol variant has already got the ground of the Indian automobile market. The release of this year made the company happy and hence they have now prepared themselves to launch the diesel model of their new venture.

That’s right; Volkswagen has announced the start of bookings for the diesel model of Ameo. The Ex-Mumbai showroom price for this variant is ranged from Rs. 6.27 lakhs to 9.21 lakhs.

Ameo is available in five diesel variants kitted with a 1.5 litre TDi engine. The TLMT is Rs 6.26 lakh ex-Mumbai and Rs 6.33 lakh ex-Delhi. The CL MT is Rs 7.26 lakh ex-Mumbai and Rs 7.35 lakh ex-Delhi. The CL DSG is Rs 8.4 lakh ex-Mumbai and Rs 8.5 lakh ex-Delhi. The HL MT is Rs 8.07 lakh ex-Mumbai and Rs 8.16 lakh ex-Delhi. And the HL DSG is Rs 9.21 lakh ex-Mumbai and Rs 9.31 lakh ex-Delhi.

The manufacturing, promotion of the auto world is seeming to approach its height as the festival season is coming closer.

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