We adapted to the times, but never gave up on our values and roots: PM Modi to Indians in Sydney
We adapted to the times, but never gave up on our values and roots: PM Modi to Indians in Sydney

Sydney: PM Narendra Modi addressed thousands of people from the Indian community at a grand event organized at a stadium in Sydney, Australia. The event at the Kudos Bank Arena was also attended by Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, who said that Prime Minister Modi is the BOSS and that American singer Bruce Springsteen did not receive such a warm reception on this stage, as people flocked to hear and see him. The two leaders were welcomed with Vedic chants and the whole stadium echoed with slogans of 'Modi-Modi'.

During this, PM Modi told the people that last time when he had come there, he had promised that he would not have to wait for 28 years for the Indian Prime Minister and he has reached here today. Along with this, PM Modi expressed happiness that many people from the overseas Indian community in New South Wales are actively participating in public life and making a mark for themselves. Expressing his gratitude to the Australian PM, Prime Minister Modi said that he has supported him in laying the foundation stone of 'Little India' here. He said that earlier the name 'Cricket, Commonwealth and Curry (3C)' was used to define India-Australia relations, but after that it became 3D - Democracy, Diaspora and Friendship and now it has become 3E. Energy, economy and education.

PM Modi said that no matter how far India and Australia are, but the Indian Ocean connects them to each other. He said that the work that cricket did for decades, now both the countries are connecting with each other through tennis and films. Despite the difference in the lifestyle of the people of both the countries, yoga is connecting them together. Prime Minister Modi said, 'India has no dearth of strength and resources, today the country which has the world's biggest and youngest talent factory is India. 

The Prime Minister said that today the country whose economy is developing fastest in the whole world, that country is India. PM Modi said that the country which is the number-1 smartphone data consumer in the world today, is India. Describing India as the mother of democracy, he said that it is a living civilization of thousands of years. He explained that we have molded ourselves according to the times, but have always stuck to our fundamentals, our roots.

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