Wellness coach Dr Sampath Goud talks about employee wellbeing and the impact on company's productivity

Jun 24 2020 12:11 PM
Wellness coach Dr Sampath Goud talks about employee wellbeing and the impact on company's productivity

Employee well­being can have a significant impact on the company's productivity, employee retention, healthcare costs, and as a result, on the company's bottom line. 

Wellbeing should be considered as “a measure of a person’s experience of health and happiness including good mental health along with a sense of fulfillment and purpose in life.”
Hyderabad based wellness coach and entrepreneur, Dr Sampath Goud is a proud owner of a wellness brand named “Wellbeingly.com” through which he offers wellness workshops to business organizations, groups, and individuals across the country. Being a medical doctor and wellness expert having worked with more than 15000 corporate employees and 3000 youth, he throws light on why employee wellbeing has an evident impact on the company’s productivity.

Dr Sampath says, “an alarming number of physical and mental illnesses are gripping the working class. Stress-related absenteeism and presenteeism have become a huge concern to both employers and employees. According to research, employees with poor wellbeing, on average, are working at approximately 60 percent of their maximum output along with being less cooperative in teamwork leading to lost productivity time.”

An increasing percentage of employees believe that employers must take initiative in reducing the amount of stress in their lives and that it is possible to make their workplace better. Many employees even value wellness initiatives over their wages.

Dr Sampath also adds, “creating a workplace that prioritizes the physical, mental, and social wellbeing of its employees can increase the loyalty of employees towards the company. Employees become highly motivated and productive when they know that the company cares for them. Therefore, a holistic, effective workplace wellbeing program that turns employees into a healthy and happy workforce can not only pay huge dividends, but also have a positive impact on the individuals, employers, and society at large.”

Dr Sampath mentions possible activities that can affect employees’ work-life balance while emphasizing that a right mix of corporate wellness strategies is key to achieving measurable outcomes:

• Healthy nutrition and fitness programs that address physical health.
• Yoga and Meditation programs that bring mental and emotional balance.
• Flexible work arrangements.
• Building a healthy work culture.
• Providing a quality work environment. 
• Implementing wellness incentive programs.

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