Whatsapp introduces new amendments for the Mute notification
Whatsapp introduces new amendments for the Mute notification

WhatsApp is planning to update the ‘Mute Notifications’ option. One of the drawbacks for a WhatsApp user is its inability to ‘Mute’ a contact or a group forever. Currently, it is either 8 hours or a week or a year. Earlier this year it was informed to the users that the backend WhatsApp team is working on the option to mute a contact and a group forever. According to the site, in the WhatsApp version, the option to mute forever will be added.

It was told that WhatsApp Beta users will be able to take advantage but is a sure sign that option will be rolled out to it 2+ billion users. It might be a server-side update for an existing user or the user can check for a Manual update in the Phone’s app store. As we know, it will take some time for these features to reach people. The redesigned Storage Management Page is also being pushed out. This feature is not available in or of the app. This will be added in the future versions. Features like more participants in video/audio calls, advanced search facility, dark mode were included in 2020. A Portuguese WhatsApp user has shared a screenshot of WhatsApp showing “Tempo Indeterminado” mean indefinite period or forever.

WhatsApp along with Watford Borough Council is training various small businesses on using the WhatsApp Business App during the pandemic. This initiative helps people to use free-to-use digital marketing tools to help them manage the challenges and customer queries like lockdown, safety measures, curfews and so on which are now the threat to livelihood. 


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