WhatsApp Unveils 'Secret Code' Feature for Enhanced Chat Privacy
WhatsApp Unveils 'Secret Code' Feature for Enhanced Chat Privacy

WhatsApp has introduced an enhanced privacy feature named "Secret Code," allowing users to further safeguard their locked chats with a personalized code. This new functionality, launched as an addition to the existing "Chat Lock" feature in May 2023, aims to empower users with increased control over the privacy of their conversations.

The "Secret Code" feature elevates the security of locked chats by enabling users to hide their protected conversations behind a unique code. This strategic upgrade enhances the complexity for potential intruders attempting to access these chats, especially in situations where phone security might be compromised or when sharing the device with others.

To conceal locked chats on WhatsApp, users can now create a distinct password solely for their locked chats, separate from their device's unlock code. This personalized password acts as an additional safeguard, offering heightened security for sensitive conversations. Furthermore, the option to hide the Locked Chats folder from the general chat list ensures an added layer of confidentiality.

WhatsApp's blog demonstrated an example of crafting a secret code for Chat Lock, showcasing the flexibility to create passwords using a combination of letters, numbers, special characters, and emojis. Accessing locked chats becomes simple by entering the chosen password into the WhatsApp search bar.

Alongside the Secret Code feature, WhatsApp has streamlined the process of locking chats. Users can now lock a chat simply by long-pressing on the conversation, eliminating the need to navigate through the chat's settings.

Meta has initiated the rollout of the "Secret Code" feature, with a global release expected in the forthcoming months.

If you use WhatsApp Web then keep this setting on, no one will be able to peep

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