When Delhi was burning in flames of riots, policemen were doing this work

Feb 27 2020 05:33 PM
When Delhi was burning in flames of riots, policemen were doing this work

New Delhi: Today the violence about CAA and NRC has provoked such a situation that the place where Ahle politics had grown, was the same way to go from home to school. In Azad Hindustan, if you have lost the most life in any one dispute, then it is a riot. Although rioters are a handful. But the effects leave the entire settlement. Those wailing screams wrapped in tears and tears are still echoing in many settlements, neighborhoods, and streets of north-east Delhi. It is said that Delhi has been destroyed more often than not settled. But it is the settled township of present-day Delhi which was set up after being destroyed. Just understand that there is no other such settlement in Delhi.

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These settlements in North East Delhi are living witnesses. Whose Whose Whose Whose Whom do I tell? Just the name and the face are different, otherwise the story of life is the same. For the whole three days, slaughtering took place in the country's capital. For the entire three days, Delhi kept on crying, agonizing, crying and moaning. For the whole three days, the chest of Delhi kept sieving and for the whole three days, the Delhi Police, responsible for protecting Delhi, did not know where it was missing. Is also valid. Where was Delhi Police for 48 hours. So we tell. When Delhi was burning. Shops were being plundered. People were being killed. So what was the Delhi Police doing? Yes, Delhi Police personnel were making pictures to show the camera. They were showing how tear gas balls are. And how to throw them. When this Delhi Police soldier was shooting in front of the camera. Then the shop was burning right in front of him and many such shops were burning. But instead of calling the fire brigade. Shooting was going on here. After this, when our team reached the spot, the fire brigade's car appeared to extinguish this fire.

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The fire will extinguish the fire brigade. But the fire that has been in Delhi for the last three days is still not extinguished. After this, when we reached the Bhajanpura area, we saw that the miscreants set fire to a colony here. The same scene was here too. Which was in the surrounding riot affected areas. Shops were destroyed in people's homes. The convoy of many vehicles is from the Bhajanpura area. As far as the sight goes, there are standing vehicles burning in this arson. Not only this, the car has two show rooms on the other side of this road. Miscreants also set fire to it.

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