When Shweta Tiwari started bathing in bikini on National TV

You must have seen the famous actress of the television world, Shweta Tiwari, in the role of Prerna. The image of the sanskari bahu, who appeared in a saree-suit, had made Shweta popular in the house-to-house. But in the year 2009, shweta's glamorous image surprised all her fans. Seeing Shweta bathing in a bikini in the reality show 'Save Me From The Jungle', the eyes of the audience were teary-eyed. Shweta was taken by many people for this bold act of hers. There was a lot of controversy over this.

In fact, this is the case in 2009. Shweta Tiwari was a contestant of Sony TV's reality show 'Iss Jungle Se Me Bachao'. One of her videos went viral on social media at this time where she was seen bathing under the waterfall wearing a bikini. For those who saw Shweta in the image of the daughter-in-law, it was very surprising to see her glamorous look.

In the same video, Shweta Tiwari is seen in bikini blue bikini and mini skirt. Shweta's public bath wearing bikini on national TV was not liked by many people. This stunt of Shweta must have come in handy to increase the TRP of the show. But the actress had to face trolling for her bathing videos. Shweta's journey in this show was not long. After feeling homesick, Shweta had walked out of the show. It was only in a short-lived survival that Shweta grabbed the limelight. The reality show 'Save Me From The Jungle' was successful in grabbing headlines because of its format, task, contestants.

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