While it is said that there is gender equality, in actuality there is still a long way to go”, says Ms. Veera Mahajan
While it is said that there is gender equality, in actuality there is still a long way to go”, says Ms. Veera Mahajan

Gender inequality is something that has been in existence since civilization, and it is okay if it comes from a place of respect and support.  Nothing wrong in accepting and acknowledging that men and women are different and have different strengths and weaknesses, but using that as a factor in making women look and feel inferior or be mistreated is a whole different story.  

Surprisingly even in today’s time, it is seen that when it comes to giving someone a greater responsibility at work, women always have to prove themselves compared to their male counterparts when the same women, after work are also taking on almost all responsibility at home.  
Most men need a drink and TV or buddy break after work and the women go from one work to next, their work continues when they get home.  So in some sense, men and population, in general, do believe that women can work a lot longer, harder and also take care of everyone’s wellbeing while doing their many parallel jobs, better and faster than most men.  

So how is a woman weaker or inferior than any man.  So,  who gave men the right to disrespect or mistreat women.  

Nowadays,  one can go to jail for treating an animal in an inhumane way,  so how do we tolerate or condone the mistreatment of a woman (a human). 

There are many companies who claim to have policies that are gender blind, but in the majority, there are still companies who refrain from hiring women who are married, child baring age, or older.  Any reason to discriminate against women. 

When we asked Ms. Veera Mahajan, Women Rights Activist and Author of Best Selling Book, Domestic abuse is an unreported crime about her views on this, she mentioned, “ Yes it is true that even in the generation we live today, women still have to face challenges by having to prove their worth and capabilities. 

She further added saying, “ When a women ask for equality, she is not asking for any special favors, she is just asking for people to treat her as an equal. Women want to grow and be productive members of the society based on their ability not based on their gender.  Ms.  Mahajan says, We are proud to be women, who give birth and nurture our children,  we support our fathers, brothers, sons to be the best that they can be.  While we do that for everyone else,  it doesn’t diminish our dreams, desires, and capabilities to also be the best version for ourselves and enjoy our lives the way we were born to do. 

It seems like a tall order to treat women as equal to men,  in fact, it is not if we just change our mindset,  our way of thinking a bit. Ms. Mahajan says, I have such a difficult time understanding this story, “a boy loves his mom, and thinks she can do anything, then he grows up teasing and disrespecting his sisters and other female friends and ends up abusing and hiring his girlfriend and wife. How does that transition happen?  Who is teaching these boys that girls are less than them and how is teaching these young girls that someone they have to accept that behavior and let anyone disrespect or hurt them.”

We all have to work together for the better future of our country and the globe at large. While disrespecting women may make your sons feel all-powerful but are they really happy deep down? True happiness is when you are peaceful. How can hurting another human being be peaceful? Is that what you want for your sons? 

The son you are raising is someone else’s future husband and father. Think about it.

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