WHO praises big achievement of India against corona
WHO praises big achievement of India against corona

The country is fighting the war with Corona every day which everyone is praising. In America, the coronavirus is uncontrollable. Whereas America is a developed country. India has a lower death rate than other countries of the world. Here, scientists of India are continuously working on the cheap kits of Coronavirus and vaccine. India has become self-sufficient with the Corona testing kits. Now cheap corona test kits are being made in India itself. The World Health Organization ((WHO) has also called it a major achievement, considering India as iron. India is also going to launch its Corona vaccine 'Covicin' on August 15.

Praising India's ability, WHO's Chief Scientist Dr. Soumya Swaminathan told that, "The Government of India has taken very serious steps since the beginning of the coronavirus infection. Based on the recommendations of WHO, some measures were taken in January itself. Today, India is testing more than 2 lakhs a day. Now India is also making testing kit itself. It is a big achievement for India that in the last few months, India has become self-sufficient in testing kits and is being able on a large scale.

Dr. Swaminathan suggested to India, 'I would like to say that India's focus should now be on data. By this, I mean that we need a well-planned approach to look at the data.' He said that when people start focusing on the number of total cases and total deaths, this is only one side of the story. Some national guidelines are needed on how you report the data. Without this, you can not compare.

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