Fact Check: Who attacked Owaisi?
Fact Check: Who attacked Owaisi?

New Delhi: Following the attack on the convoy of All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) chief and Lok Sabha MP from Hyderabad Asaduddin Owaisi, the police had taken action and arrested two accused Sachin and Shubham. Since then, a picture is being circulated on several media channels claiming that Sachin, the man who fired at Owaisi, has close links with several BJP leaders, including CM Yogi.



However, the person whose picture was being viral as Sachin and an attempt was being made to prove that Sachin has close links with big leaders of BJP, is actually Nitesh Singh Tomar. After this news went viral, Nitesh Tomar himself put the reality in front of him by tweeting. He wrote that I am Nitesh Singh Tomar, PRO of Cabinet Minister Shri Bhupendra Singh Chaudhary ji. A malicious attempt is being made to malign my image by circulating my photo in the name of Sachin as a Hindu. I condemn those who do this during elections. @Uppolice Please take action against those who do this.' Nitesh has also shared screenshots of many channels with his tweet. According to this, The Lallantop prominently circulated this news with CM Yogi Adityanath as the picture of Nitesh with Owaisi's attacker named Sachin. However, as soon as its reality came to light, he wrote an article playing with words and apologized in just one word at the end.



At the same time, Live Hindustan also made Nitesh Tomar's picture with CM Yogi viral by calling it Sachin Hindu, and even after the truth came out, no apology has been made so far. Along with this, a user named Pankaj Chaturvedi also made the picture of Nitesh Tomar with CM Yogi viral by calling it Sachin. A similar lie was also made by AIMIM tiger force user by making the picture of Nitesh with CM Yogi viral and trying to prove that Sachin Pandit has links with many BJP leaders including CM Yogi.


However, the campaign against him and the conspiracy to corner CM Yogi was exposed by Nitesh Singh Tomar himself. However, it was only after the prompt action of the UP Police that the pictures surfaced after the arrest of the two accused who were fired at Owaisi. Even after this, some organizations of social media and media deliberately ran fake news. In such a situation, now from the denial of Nitesh himself, the apology of some media groups and the evidence provided, it has become clear that Sachin pandit is being telecast in many media channels as close to CM Yogi and BJP leaders, which is completely false and baseless.

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