Ebola wreaks havoc in Congo, WHO expresses concern
Ebola wreaks havoc in Congo, WHO expresses concern

Kinshasa: The Congo government announced on Monday that a new outbreak of Ebola virus disease is occurring in the Wangta region in Ecuador province. The country's Health Ministry said that so far six cases of Ebola have been detected in Wangta, of which four have died. Two Ebola patients are alive and are being cared for. World Health Organization (WHO) director-general Tedros Edholm Ghebius said that it reminds that the coronavirus is not the only health problem for people.

Although most of our focus is on the epidemic, the WHO is monitoring and responding to many other health emergencies. The Congo has not yet officially announced the end of the Ebola virus causing health problems in its eastern region. Since the epidemic started in August 2018, at least 2,243 people have died there so far.

This is the 11th outbreak of Ebola in Congo since the virus was first detected in the country in 1976. According to Health Minister Doctor Atony Longondo, the victims died on May 18, but the results of a test confirming Ebola were found over the weekend. The WHO said that they had already sent their team there. The coronavirus has already spread to seven of the Congo's 25 provinces, where more than 3,000 cases have been confirmed and 72 patients have died. However, like many African countries, the Congo has conducted very limited trials and observers fear that the corona may have caused far more deaths.

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