Why Credit Ram Temple to Modi-Yogi? Chief Priest of Ram Lalla Responds- 'Courts Existed Since 1949, but...'
Why Credit Ram Temple to Modi-Yogi? Chief Priest of Ram Lalla Responds- 'Courts Existed Since 1949, but...'

Lucknow: The consecration ceremony of Lord Rama is set to take place at the grand temple in Ayodhya on January 22, 2024. Prior to this momentous occasion, in a media interaction, the chief priest of Lord Rama, Acharya Satyendra Das, shared his memories associated with the Ayodhya Ram Janmabhoomi movement. Satyendra Das expressed that this moment had been awaited for years, and the sight of the consecration would be extraordinary and unique in itself. He remarked that the day of consecration, when Lord Rama would grace the majestic and divine temple, is akin to the arrival of a new era. It feels as if all the challenges and difficulties have come to an end, and a new era of Rama has dawned.

Regarding the credit for the Ram Temple, Acharya Satyendra Das questioned why decisions regarding the temple were not made before 1949 when the courts existed. He pondered on the fact that despite Congress being in power, and subsequent governments, the resolution on the Ram Temple did not materialize. He attributed the delay to a conspiracy to defer the hearing on the Ram Temple issue when the Bharatiya Janata Party came to power. He asserted that those who have faith in Rama, who are blessed by the divine, are in power now, while those who opposed in thought and action are now out of power. While various parties ruled the country and Uttar Pradesh, the focus on Ayodhya was absent. However, since the Bharatiya Janata Party came to power, especially under PM Modi and CM Yogi Adityanath, Ayodhya has been rapidly developing.

Explaining the significance of consecration, Acharya Satyendra Das stated, "Consecration means infusing life into an inanimate object. The idol remains lifeless until the mantras described in the scriptures are recited and consecrated." He elaborated that the ceremony takes approximately 86 seconds, the time required for chanting specific mantras crucial for the consecration. This ritual is not limited to January 22 but will commence in the preceding week with the invocation of various deities over the course of a week.

Reflecting on the time when Lord Rama had to reside beneath a tent for years, Acharya Satyendra Das recollected, "It was a painful time. Almost 28 years passed without knowing Rama's whereabouts. When Lord Rama started his exile, Mata Sita insisted on accompanying him. Lord Rama explained that the journey was not appropriate, but Mata Sita insisted, drawing parallels to the inseparability of the rivers Ganga and Sarayu from their waters. Even in times of distress, the belief remained that this phase would pass, and a good time would come. Today, that time has arrived."

Acharya Satyendra Das also shared the challenges faced when rainwater seeped into the tent, and Lord Rama was adorned with seven different attires each week. Despite the meager annual budget of 20,000 rupees for offerings, prayers, and other expenses, they managed. Only in the last years, the annual budget increased to 30,000 rupees. He emphasized that everything they asked for was not granted, but with Lord Rama's grace, they overcame those challenges.

When asked about his thoughts on the ongoing construction of the temple, Acharya Satyendra Das expressed satisfaction, stating that it is being built splendidly, surpassing the expectations. Unlike the regular brick and stone structures, the Ram Temple is constructed using precious stones. Describing the idol of Lord Rama, he mentioned that it would be in the child form, an extraordinary form that even Lord Shiva visited to witness. Regarding the changes in worship after the consecration, Acharya Satyendra Das mentioned that trustees are being appointed, and although he is uncertain about the specific changes, the worship of Rama, Sita, and Lakshmana would continue following the tradition of reciting 16 mantras, adhering to the Vaishnavite tradition.

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