Here's why women put long sindoor on Chhath Puja
Here's why women put long sindoor on Chhath Puja

You know that from today on 31 October, the festival of Chhath Puja has started. In such a situation, Lord Sun is worshiped on this day and it is considered to be one of the most difficult vows. For this reason, Chhath Puja is called Mahaparva and this festival is celebrated in Kartik month, six days after Diwali. In such a situation, you know that to worship Chhath Mata, women apply vermilion, but why would you hardly know this. So let us tell you why women put long vermilion during worship.

It is said that sindoor is considered a symbol of good luck and during Chhath Puja, women who wear long thick yellow vermilion, by the grace of Chhath Mata, their husband is long and always happy. This is the reason why fasting women apply vermilion from nose to head.

For the progress of the husband - The women who worship Chhath Mata by filling their vermilion from nose to demand, their husbands make great progress in life and get success in every work.

For happiness and prosperity - It is said that in order to wish prosperity of home and family, women apply thick yellow vermilion because the longer the vermilion is the longer the husband's age is. With this, he gets a lot of success in life.

Every wish is fulfilled - it is said that when married women fill their long vermilion and worship Chhath Mata and offer it to them, then Lord Surya is pleased and fulfills their wishes.

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