Wife ran after breaking window, husband made request on social media

Kolkata: In the meantime, after failing to find a wife and child, the troubled husband has now taken to social media and promised to reward anyone who brings both back as rs 5,000. The case dates from the time when the husband was in Hyderabad regarding work, meanwhile, the wife broke the window with her child and fled the house. The case is of Pingla village in Bengal.

According to reports, a carpenter by profession, the husband is making rounds at different places in search of his wife and child. And when he didn't find anything, he took to social media as a last resort and appealed to everyone for help. The husband posted on Facebook, "The woman and the child have been missing since December 9. Whoever sees them, please inform me. The person (who searches for them) will get a reward of Rs. 5,000." But he did not get any help from social media.

The same case came to him on December 9 when he was in Hyderabad regarding work. The next day he returned to explore his wife. A police officer said they were not informed about the incident by the family. However, the husband claimed that the police had been informed in detail. Although the full details of the case are not clear, the husband alleged that his wife ran away with a man who had brought her a mobile phone. He even claimed that his wife used to talk to this man alone at night. He said that on the night of December 9, a nano car with no number plate came into the area and suspected that his wife had fled in the same car. Police are also investigating the case.

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