"Women's Reservation benefits the daughters and wives of politicians," says NCW President

President of the National Commission for Women, Rekha Sharma, on Friday said that she had 'objections' regarding the arrangement of reservation of women. They argued that women should make space on their own in politics because reservation will only help the daughters and wives of some leaders. Sharma's statement has come at a time when opposition parties, especially the Congress, are demanding that the Women's Reservation Bill, which has provision for reservation of 33 per cent seats in Lok Sabha and Legislative Assembly, be passed in the monsoon session of Parliament. 

He said in the debate on 'Political Participation and Representation of Women in India' on behalf of the National Commission for Women, 'If you ask me, then I different views about the reservation. It would be difficult for me and people like you to enter politics with the help of reservation. We have to make our own way. This will only help the daughters and wives of some leaders." Sharma emphasized that the need for empowerment of 50 per cent population (women) of the country is needed.

She said, "If 50% of the population is not politically empowered, how will we develop? This is not possible. It is the right of women to be elected." Sharma further said, "They usually do not know the candidates who contest the elections. They do not know on which basis a person should be chosen. If we do not know how to choose the right person then who will ensure that we get our rights?"

She also said that many such women have been selected at the Panchayat level, who do not know anything about their work. Perhaps referring to RJD leader and former Bihar Chief Minister Rabri Devi, Sharma said, "You saw that a woman became the Chief Minister of Bihar. The head of the Women's Commission said that if women want to step in politics then they have to keep the family related concerns separate.

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