'Won't forgive, will kill selectively,' Biden's anger erupts over killing American soldiers in Kabul
'Won't forgive, will kill selectively,' Biden's anger erupts over killing American soldiers in Kabul

Washington: A total of 90 people, including 13 American soldiers, have been reported killed in a fidayeen attack on Afghanistan's Kabul airport on Thursday (August 26, 2021). Along with this, about 150 people have also been injured. The terrorist organization Islamic State Khorasan province has claimed responsibility for this attack. The terrorist organization has also released the photo of the terrorist who carried out this attack.

According to the report, this picture is of the fidayeen attacker Abdul Rahman Al Loghari, who is believed to be a resident of Logar province. In the message issued with the picture of the attacker, the terrorist organization has claimed that 160 American soldiers and their allies were killed in this attack by ISIS. After this incident, US President Joe Biden in his statement has spoken of killing terrorists selectively. He said, 'We will not forgive. We will not forget. We will selectively hunt you down and kill you. You have to bear the consequences.' Biden has made it clear that even after these attacks, the US will not stop its operation and will continue to evacuate people from Afghanistan.

US Central Command Chief General Kenneth F McKenzie confirmed the deaths in a press briefing regarding this attack, claiming that it was the deadliest attack against the US Army in the last 10 years. General McKenzie told the press that, 'As you know, two fidayeen attackers, who were ISIS terrorists, blew up at the airport around the Abbey Gate and in the vicinity of the Barron Hotel.'

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